Reset for the next batch of ridiculousness.


Just a little post to check in with y’all.

Otherworld is done. You’ve washed the camping dishes and done a giant pile of laundry, the leftover camping food is almost gone, you’ve scanned through the list of lost and found and recovered your travel mug (you flailer!) and the sunburn on your bum is almost done peeling.
If you are one of the lucky ones, you are packing it all up again for Burn on the Fraser In The Forest, or maybe you are headed off to Bass Coast.
Or maybe you headed back to work last Tuesday for a short work week and a long weekend, and now you have a serious case of “don’t-wanna”.  Not “divorce your parakeet” level don’t-wanna, just back to school after Christmas level don’t-wanna…

Photo By Susan Butler

Can’t I just get back in the ball pit?


It’s not so bad. We are into Burner Picnic season, so you can expect regular call outs to get together with like minded individuals who get what you’re talking about. And if you’re all blissed out, inspired and motivated; it’s the perfect time to start brainstorming for your future art or theme camp.
It might be next Otherworld, or Default Diversion  because tickets for that will be going on sale soonish. And there’s always TTITD to prepare for.

So if you are having a rough Monday, remember we’re there with you, the season has just begun, there’s lots of ridiculous yet to come, and the end of the road is also the beginning.


2 Responses to “Reset for the next batch of ridiculousness.”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Critical Northwest 🙂 They changed the name a few years ago so it wouldn’t be confused with a bike ride.

  2. Tara Pancake says:

    I like how you assume we’ve unpacked and done the laundry. Clearly, I’m not ready to adult yet. Looking forward to a summer full of fun Burner-y things, though!

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