To The Beach!

OK.  Let’s be honest here.
Otherworld has the best damn beachfront of any Regional Event in the Burnerverse!
With 1.2 km of soft sun warmed sand, and occasionally visited by  whales, eagles, osprey, bears, cougars, wolves, and beautiful people, it really upstages the event a bit.
Sand, surf, wildlife, sun.  This is not the playa where we suffer.




If the weather is with us, (and it will be) in a week’s time we’ll all be lazing in the sun, watching the osprey fish in the surf, chasing gigantic bubbles, playing inside gigantic bubbles, dancing around the bonfire, meditating to the sound of the waves, building robot armies out of sand,  or you know, swimming.

Seriously, it’s a great beach, and we obviously love it. However, there’s no lifeguard of any kind. No Baywatch, no Hasselhoff, and Pamela is way too busy having fun to save your ass.
So use your head and make good choices about when to go swimming.

loup_wolfParks Canada’s Living with Wildlife.


Speaking of making good choices;
While we’re at the beach there really may be Wolves, Bears, Cougars, or Whales, which is
awesome and it’s kind of amazing that they hang around with all of our noise and strangeness.
If you see any, don’t freak out. Stay calm and let other people know that it is there. Don’t approach it, and if you are pulling out your camera, take pictures from a reasonable distance and stay out of their way.  If you interfere with the wildlife  you could easily get hurt. You could easily get the animal killed.

Keep an eye out for the whales.
During the event in 2015 a Grey Whale mom was teaching her babies in the surf  just off shore from the event. They came every evening when the tide was right for feeding. It was a highlight of the weekend, and for a lot of people it was the first time they’d seen a Grey Whale.
But people getting too close, especially in the water, puts huge amounts of stress on the mother.  She has no idea what you are up to and has no idea you that are friendly. So give a mom a break and enjoy seeing them from the shore.




While you’re on the beach, there’s going to be a lot of art to check out, some of which is on the placement map, some of which is not. Some will be a complete surprise to almost everyone. So do a lot of exploring, warm up in the fire garden, do some fire bowling, or fire limbo, catch a fire jam, and make sure you check out the Effigy and the Temple before they burn. (there might be a little bit of fire) 

See you on the beach!

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