What’s the deal with RCs anyway?

So you’ve been around for  a little while,  maybe been to an event or two,  maybe a Burners & Beers or a picnic, probably joined a facebook group; and every once in awhile you’ll hear someone say “that’s so-and-so, they’re one of the RCs.” or wondered why the hell that person posts so often and seems to know what’s going on, but doesn’t seem to be running the event or be on the board.  Who are these people? What’s their deal?  and how are they connected to Burning Man?

Since 2013, the Regional Contacts for Victoria and the Islands have been Amara and Edd,  and it’s our job to help local Burners connect with each other, and to bring Burning Man principles and culture into our local community through events and activities.

That officially means we run the email announce list (Edd usually does that) and run the Burning Man Victoria facebook group (Amara does most of that).  We also make sure that our regional events, like Otherworld, meet the criteria for regional events set by Burning Man, and we submit an annual regional report  (ARR) to the regional network about the local goings on.

We also pass on important information about Burning Man, ticketing, happenings in the regional network, and local events.  We involve ourselves in most of the local goings on,  call a Burners & Beers or a Burner Picnic when we feel the need, talk at meetings and town halls,  answer questions, point people in the right direction, try and steer the community towards something that aligns with Burning Man’s principles and values, and generally try to build the local community.
It’s not a new task to either of us,  both Amara and Edd have been heavily involved in the island burner community  since events started getting organized here in 2009 and were both on the founding board of Kindle Arts Society.

 Edd's Superpower is standing closer to the fire than anyone else.. It's not really that useful.Edd was (and is)  DPW lead at Otherworld from the start, handing it off once or twice, only to take it on again, was  event lead for Carnivale in 2010, and was project lead for Victoria’s first CORE project, The Effitree.  He also writes (intermittently) Burner Word of the Day.


Best stink eye in the business.Amara has  the distinction of having held every single Otherworld team lead role over the years, from Gate all the way to Rangers and everything in between,  She’s also created and run theme camps at every Otherworld from 2009 to 2015.  


The Regionals have been around for a while.  The first RC was George Paap of Austin Texas, who created the position in 1996 by reaching out and offering to help when Burning Man was going through a rough patch.  The Regional network officially unrolled the following year, after Burning Man 1997, and has been growing ever since. 


Rob Simons wears a cabbage leaf. He wears it well.

Rob Simons wears a cabbage leaf
He wears it well.

Victoria’s first RC, Rob Simons,  created the position for himself during the burn of 1999.  According to Rob, he ran into Marion  in the desert, and spoke to her about it for about 20 minutes, she gifted him a lighter, and as easily as that  he was Victoria’s first Regional rep.

Ashes wears Larry Harvey's infamous Hat, and he wears it well.

Ashes wears Larry Harvey’s infamous Hat.
He wears it well.

In 2006 He handed the position off to Ashes, who was the prime mover in getting the island burner community  organized.  He lead our first event, Carnival, in the spring of 2009  and followed up with the first Otherworld in June of that summer.  He was also a driving force behind the creation of the Kindle Arts Society and was Chair of their first board of Directors.


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